If you’re looking for a roadmap to jump-start your career, FuelForward® was written for you!
 Leadership coach Vivian Blade has written the definitive guide to take your career to new levels. 
Follow Vivian's proven FuelForward® System to gain control of your career,
get promoted and move along faster than you thought possible.
Learn from executives at the highest levels about how they made it to the top. Recognize the gaps in the PIE (Performance, Image, Exposure) model and how your misperceptions about PIE are holding you back.
Acquire unknown, high impact strategies to transform your career.
Your free Chapter 3: The FuelForward® Model for Career Success unveils the system for transforming your own career. This proven formula for moving up has propelled forward the careers of many ambitious professionals, just like you.
What people are saying...
Vivian Blade has provided an outstanding body of work that is rich with real-time unwritten rules and examples that propel careers in today’s ever-changing workplace. Professionals hungry for success will learn first-hand how companies define top talent and how to stand out. It gives you a unique lens for learning directly from the success that senior leaders have had in their personal careers.
Mandisa M. Diggs Inclusion & Collaboration HR Business PartnerCisco Systems
Being in the business of helping hi-potential women accelerate their careers, I highly recommend Vivian Blade’s book FuelForward®. She helps you understand the fundamentals of not only building your career through hard work and effort (that’s a given) but thoughtfully applying her model to strengthen your runway for success.
Sally Schott President and Founder Peer Exchange Network 
Finally, a framework for developing a career on a fast track. Thirty years ago, I began working for organizations from startups to Fortune 500 companies in both the U.S. and Latin America. I once thought that hard work was the only thing I needed to succeed. But I’ve found that the concept taught in this book—hard work is not enough—applies across all cultures. 
 FuelForward puts together all the elements needed to succeed in any professional endeavor. The model it outlines can easily be applied in the U.S., Latin America, and any other country to greatly benefit people in their careers. I wish I had it years ago!
Mario Ovalle Director Continuous Improvement Grupo Entero 
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